Welcome to the official site for the Geometric Tools Engine, a library of source code for computing in the fields of mathematics, graphics, image analysis, and physics. The engine is written in C++ 11 and, as such, has portable access to standard constructs for multithreading programming on cores. The engine also supports high-performance computing using general purpose GPU programming (GPGPU). SIMD code is also available using Intel Streaming SIMD Extensions (SSE). Portions of the code are described in various books as well as in documents available at this site. The source code is freely downloadable.

The current version of the library is Geometric Tools Engine (GTEngine) 3.9, posted on June 18, 2017. The source code is covered by the Boost License. The following operating systems and compilers are supported, and testing was performed on all systems. GTEngine requires OpenGL 4.3 (or later) and GLSL 4.3 (or later) in order to support compute shaders and GLSL introspection.

The Nouveau Open Source drivers that ship with the four flavors of Linux are only at OpenGL 4.1. If you attempt to run any of the sample applications with Nouveau, the applications fail gracefully with the console-window output: OpenGL 4.3 is required.

The PDF documents at our site are copyrighted but not subject to the liberal terms of the Boost License. You may download them for your personal use and you may set hyperlinks to them; however, the documents may not be posted online by anyone other than us. These are living documents that are updated over time. Unauthorized copies posted to the Internet run the risk of not being updated by the poster when we update ours.

For those of you who prefer a language other than C++.

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